frequently asked questions

Most of what I receive are actually demands, not questions. We are all busy people and nobody likes email; if you are writing to me to ask me for something, please have the courtesy to make it at least look like a question.


How do I become a translator?

You need to get good at translating, and you need to make industry contacts. The first you can do by translating more; the second is trickier. Here’s a slight shortcut. And check out the British Centre for Literary Translation’s Summer School, too.

Will you mentor me?

I’d love to! But not at the moment. Sorry. I’ll update when I have capacity again.

Will you do an event/run a workshop for me?

Probably! Get in touch and let’s discuss.


I found a mistake in your translation!

Congratulations. If you’re feeling so proud of yourself that you must tell someone, email the publisher, not me. Please rest assured that I think about every mistake I have made in my life, translation-related or otherwise, every night before I go to sleep.

I want you to translate my novel from Japanese to English!

Maybe. Get in touch and let’s discuss details.

I want you to translate my novel from English to Japanese!


Give me [author]’s email address.


I want you to do something for free.

Unless it is for a good cause, no. (The good cause cannot simply be “I don’t have the budget.” I don’t have the budget for that either.)