I’m a graduate of Indiana University in Japanese Language and Linguistics, having previously studied Japanese Language and Culture at Eastern Kentucky University. I attended the British Centre for Literary Translation Summer School in 2012 working on a collaborative translation of FURUKAWA Hideo’s (古川日出男) Horses, Horses, Despite Everything the Light is Still Pure (馬たちよ、それでも光は無垢で) with the author, Michael Emmerich, and ten other students. Read it here.

In 2013 I again attended BCLT Summer School working with author MATSUDA Aoko (松田青子), translator Jeffrey Angles, and nine other students. Our excerpts from Stackable (スタッキング可能) are available here.

In addition to translating, I also review non-fiction books about Japan for the Times Literary Supplement.

My academic interests are in Taishō and early Shōwa culture, women’s literatureproletarian literature, and diaries.  I also have a strong academic background in labor history.

I live in North London and seem to spend most of my time on the top deck of buses.

My non-academic interests include SF, comics, college basketball, cinema, Chinese food, Bluegrass, noise and indie music, and figuring out the English.  I play the guitar, dulcimer, autoharp, toy piano, and maracas, to varying degrees of success.

You can and should email me at:  somewrongsreversed@gmail.com.

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